Psychotherapy is just a big word for creating behaviour change by exploring your thoughts, beliefs and feelings with curiosity and acceptance. As with most therapy, the aim is to increase social and interpersonal functioning; to improve your relationship with yourself and those you interact with.

The relationship between client and therapist is very important as the sessions provide a new space in which to intentionally find and practice 'new ways of being you' in this world.

Long lasting personal growth and transformation can be expected in. Once you try Psychotherapy it likely you will become its advocate. 

Nature Therapy

Nature Therapy uses nature as both the space in which to conduct the therapy but also the tool/medium through which we can create self expression, much like art therapy.

Creating opportunities for deeper connection to the natural elements and living earth vastly improves our health and wellbeing.

A Nature Therapist uses as many elements in the therapeutic setting as possible to enhance the experience of counselling, art therapy or nature-based activities for self-exploration.


Counselling is a space where client and therapist explore life's challenges.

Its important to chose a therapist who is client-focused and is able to provide a safe space for you to gain new perspectives and insight and build on your existing skills and strengths and avoid talking circles around issue-focused topics.

A good counsellor will guide and assisting clients to reach those new levels of understanding about thought patterns and events in life and have those life changing 'ah ha' moments.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

CBT is the main modality of therapy widely used in the field of mental health by psychologists, social workers and counsellors.  

CBT is the cognitive, verbal exploration of the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour in response to situations we encounter in life. 

By interrupting and re-establishing healthier mechanisms at any of these intervals, we interrupt the cycles that do not serve our best interests and change the way those feelings, thoughts and behaviours flow.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is NOT about achieving a beautiful result.

Art therapy IS the creative process of expressing yourself in non-verbal activities and exploring the process of creating and the end result for meaning and insight by use of metaphors, messages and symbols.

Art therapy is extremely useful in pushing the 'mute' button on the thinking, conscious self and allowing new understanding or new perspectives to arrive.

I'm constantly amazed at how deep and insightful the art process allows clients to be in exploring old or familiar problems in a completely new and refreshing way.


Personalised Coaching is like having a coach for your personal aspirations. Using your existing strengths and resources, a coach will help you leverage your best potential and work towards self-actualisation, whatever your goals may be.

Coaching sessions are generally shorter but more frequent and help keep you progressing towards your best life.

Play & Narrative Therapy

Expression through play or story-telling can help to observe the relevant metaphors, themes and characters of what might otherwise be difficult to say. 

Getting immersed in story-telling allows the unconscious self-expression to emerge; bringing to to our awareness, how we really feel . A fun way to bring to life both the 'good' and 'not so good' experiences and challenges, particularly for those of us who thrive in creativity, have trouble verbally expressing and especially useful for therapy with children.