"Before therapy I felt like a leaf blown about in the wind; 

Now I feel like the architect of my own life."


Age 30

"Since I have started therapy my life has changed in so many positive ways.
It's not a easy path and it can be very challenging, but the benefits are monumental
Talking to Bec is so easy; you won't regret going to see her."


Age 47

"Bec has been incredible helping me on my journey. I felt lost when I first arrived and Bec continues to help me better connect with and understand myself.."


Age 28

""The warmth from Bec from the very beginning meant

I really felt listened to and understood,

I felt safe to be myself and open up."


Age 53

"Patient, flexible, understanding, welcoming, open, honest and kind, with an awesome sense of humour! 

Most importantly though, Bec is competent and passionate about what she does. On multiple occasions, she gone out of her way to be accommodating, when things haven't lined up. She's provided perspective and understanding to my issues, and helped me to unpack them and understand their root causes. 

If you are looking for a wholesome, connected, positive and judgement free atmosphere to help with your issues, I would highly recommend booking an appointment to see her!."


Age 27 & 29

"Bec is an absolutely amazing woman. Her gentle nature and calmness creates a very safe and warm environment be be in. Sessions are completely confidential and with zero judgment. They are influenced by the individual to help you grow into the best person you can be.

Just in the first session I personally felt safe to open up and saw some self improvement."


Age 25

"Therapy with Bec has helped me to think differently and be more tolerant"


Age 49

"I was really happy with the experience with Bec. It really showed me a different side to therapy and even life.

A warm personality and obviously a wealth of wisdom in knowing how to reach people where they are at and creating a safe space"


Age 26

"Bec is truly gifted at what she does"


Age 30


Sitting under a tree, the client freely explored with oil pastels and paper what her journey to 'finding her identity' might look like. 

Insightful reflection created a sense of clarity around the idea that there are various destinations and various paths as opposed to one specific path but that all paths go beyond the darkness towards the light and towards wholeness and not being caught up in the tornado. 

Using clay, the client was asked to explore using the concept of 'being' and 'doing'. 

The client reflected on the emotive responses, both during the creative process as well as after a time of reflection and was able to ponder on how this might influence the various societal roles in her life. 

Soft pastels were chosen for magnifying a portion of artwork from the previous session. 

Looking deeper into the 'barrier' helped the client reflect on the meaning of the chosen colours, the movement and energy within the confusion that blocks creativity and self-expression.