(your investment)

Choosing to engage in therapy, like with most things in life, is often about considering the cost of investment compared to the return. 

But really, what is the real cost of not investing in your mental health?

Once people have engaged and committed to therapy and counselling, they often comment on how they wish they had started sooner!

Take it from me, being authentically happy, grateful and grounded is priceless!

If you've never tried counselling or therapy before, the decision to book for that first appointment can be difficult; thats why I offer a FREE first consult.

Heres a few questions I am frequently asked about funding the therapeutic journey.

have a Mental Health Care Plan from the GP, can I be referred to you and your services?

You certainly can be referred to have psychotherapy with me but unfortunately a medicare rebate is not available. Psychologists and Social Workers are able to offer this rebate (up to 10 per calendar year) and while counsellors and wholistic therapist contribute greatly to the mental health industry, the recognition for inclusion is still being lobbied for. 

As tempting as it is to let finances be a driving factor in deciding; consider that what works best for you; your views on life, your availability, what outcomes you might wish to see and so on. 

While I do have a degree in Psychology, I am a psychotherapist by training, not a Psychologist. Some people prefer the wholistic and non-diagnostic approach I offer in psychotherapy. 

If you are considering help but want to avoid labels and prescriptions where possible and desire to embrace and honour your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental self as one integrated whole... book a FREE initial consult with me to discover more!