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The most honest mirror in life is actually our relationships. 

They are both light and shadow; identifying what brings us joy (what we are attracted to) and what we need (what we feel as pain).

Our knowledge and experience of love has been shaped and conditioned by our past, you might like to see it as a program or the software you were given for being in the world in a certain way. Any deficits (and we all have them as there are no perfect parents or communities) that are left behind show up in relationships with those important to us with intention to spark opportunity for personal growth. 

In this way, the very purpose of a relationship (long term, compatible ones) is to first create a connection and commitment and then to shake the gates of trauma within you so that within this place of love and safety you can self-actualise. For this reason, our relationships reflect what is already within us.... over and over again... until we rise to the challenge of healing ourselves! The most wonderful part about seeing relationships in this way, is that with both parties committed to and conscious of this fact, you also have an ally in assisting in your journey of self-development. How cool is that!

If we avoid the opportunities to explore and develop within relationships (perhaps by seeing relationships as spaces in which to experience pleasure and romance with little or no tension, or the presence of such is a sign you are not with the right one;), we are doomed to simply repeat relational habits with no end in sight by mistaking or missing the opportunities. This might arguably be equivalent to ongoing suffering. 

Relational conflict is not a sign you are doing it wrong, you are simply in the naturally occuring

 "call to growth" stage without realizing it, much less being equipped to navigate the terrain.

There is hope!

Many of my clients have taken up the challenge and have changed the course and outlook of many a relationship reporting a deeper sense of self appreciation and clearer boundaries for loving and being loved. 

Conscious exploration of your pain allows it to be a source for enquiry rather than the forerunner of coping mechanisms in relationships. 

Compassionate enquiry into coping mechanisms validates that you really were doing the best you could at the time with the situation at hand and the resources you had available to you! Acknowledging we wish to do better allows us to transform habits into healthier actions for us and our relationships for mutual long-term wellbeing. 

The Relationship Vault provides access to the tools that help you explore your coping mechanisms and needs and then transform your newfound authenticity and desires into constructive communication in your relationships. 

The relationship vault gives you resources to transform guess work, confusion and arguments into empathy, conscious requests, reciprocity and deeper intimacy and connection.