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Client Feedback - May 2024

"Mary at Natural Creative Therapy has been the sounding board in my life that was required. 

Honestly one of the most amazing and caring therapists I've ever come across. She has helped me explore my emotions and gain insights into my thoughts. 

If it wasn't for Mary and the support she's offered through Natural Creative Therapy I don't think I would be here. Thank you for everything."

(Male, age 26)

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Mary Stompe

Online & Unley Studio

  • B Psychology (Hons)
  • B Medical Science
  • Masters of CBT 

Imagine if you felt able to express yourself openly and explore your concerns, without fear of judgement or discrimination; gaining insight and awareness into your life experiences in the process. My aim in therapy is to provide this safe space, just for you.

My name is Mary and I embrace a holistic approach to mental health, using evidence-based strategies drawn from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and other integrative approaches. CBT considers the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour in response to situations we encounter in life. By changing how we think and what we do, we can improve how we feel. I also employ ACT, DBT, neuroscience and mindfulness principles, in order to uncover what's important to you to creating a meaningful and purpose life. 

I work with people experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, perfectionism, low self-esteem, interpersonal issues, stress and adjustment.

Together, we will explore and develop a personalised approach just for you, based on what YOU want out of therapy and how I can support you to get there. The knowledge and skills gained during therapy will support your growth, change and empower you to improve your wellbeing.

Bec McGair

North Haven Studio

  • B Psychology
  • Dip Counselling
  • Adv. Dip Transpersonal Therapy

It is my honour and privilege to create and share a safe space to learn more about you!

We often seek out therapy or counselling when challenges become overwhelming or we have a desire to stretch our capacity to cope. 

Life can be filled with complex experiences; it's important we enlist the help we need. 

So let me say; I'm SO glad you've landed here! 

Maybe you've never had help before? Maybe you've never tried therapy? Perhaps you're tired of Psychologists, medical models and diagnosis...

My approach is integrative, intuitive and person-centred because no single model fits all people.... My approach to therapy draws heavily on personal experiences in challenging marriages, single parenting, blended families and raising children

I'm a qualified and fully insured Psychotherapist experienced with grief, anxiety, depression, sleeping problems, suicide and self-harm.

I now specialise in Couples Therapy.  Our romantic relationships in particular  are the space in which our deepest triggers often appear as ruptures and pain from past relationships continue to reoccur. These triggers bring attention to what needs to be acknowledged, healed and integrated for healthier bonds. It would be my honour to help you see challenges in your relationship as opportunity for grow together.

You can read more on our dedicated couples therapy page!

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Choosing a therapist...

It is one of the most challenging yet rewarding decisions you may make..... 

!It's been said that 20 seconds is all it takes for your instincts to judge trustworthiness; an essential characteristic for the client/therapist relationship! 

Meet Bec in her 20 second video 

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